Sarah Foley is an Irish Costume and Set Designer with a background in Theatre and Film. 

She completed her MFA in Stage Design at the Lir Academy (2014-2016); graduating with a distinction in 2017. 

She majored  in Costume Design and  minored in Set Design.

Previously, she attended Inchicore College for Costume Design,  Bray College for Fashion Design and completed her BA Honors Degree in Fashion Design in WWSOTA. 

She also has experience as a Costume HOD for film, a Wardrobe supervisor and maker. 

Her background in Fashion design has afforded her the skills to draft costume patterns and create accurate and detailed period and modern costume pieces. 

She recently won the best design award from Dublin Fringe Festival for Soldier Still. 

For more information on Sarah's work, to get in touch regarding employment opportunities, or to just say Hiya, feel free to get in touch.



Set and Costume Designer These Stupid Things 2019

Costume Designer Evening Train Everyman Theatre 2019

Set and Costume Designer Dublin Will Show You How 2019

Costume Designer The Examination 2019

Set and Costume Designer Singing For Survival 2019

Wardrobe Supervisor Dublin Oldschool 2018

Costume Designer Woman Undone 2018

Costume Designer The Bystander 2018

Costume Designer No One Sees the Video 2018

Costume Designer My Son My Son 2018

Costume Designer Dolores 

Scenic and Costume Artist Archipelagic Thinking 2018

Costume Designer My Son My Son 2018 

Set and Costume Designer La Ronde  2018

Set and Costume Designer I'm Not Here DTF 2017

Costume Designer Soldier Still DFF 2017 Winner of Best Design

Costume Designer The Passion Project (Brokentalkers) 2017

Costume Designer The Eurydice Project  2017

Costume Designer The Sea Brothers  2017

Costume Designer Circus Animals Desertion DTF 2016

Costume Designer Love and Information 2016

Costume Designer After the End. Lir Academy 2016

Wardrobe Supervisor HOD Spring Awakening  2016

Wardrobe Supervisor HOD I am a Camera  2016

Costume Designer Council of Nicea. Scene+heard  2016

Costume Assistant The Game  (THEATREclub) DTF 2015

Costume Assistant I’m your Man DTF 2015

Costume Assistant Windstealers DFF 2015                

Set Designer In Arabia We’d All be Kings 2015          

Costume Designer Hamlet South Korea 2013


Costume Trainee Finding Joy 2018

Costume Trainee The Delinquent Season 2016

Costume Trainee The Nation Holds its Breath 2016

Costume Designer Sojourn 2014

Costume Designer A Wound 2014

Costume Designer Poison Pen Galway Film Fleadh 2014

Costume Designer Skunky Dog Galway Film Fleadh 2014


2014-2016: MFA Stage Design, Lir Academy TCD

2005-2006: BA Honors Degree  Fashion Design, WWSOTA

2003-2005: HND Fashion Design, Bray Senior College

2001-2003: Diploma Costume Design, Inchicore College


Costume Design, pattern drafting 

Costume manufacture, fitting and alteration

Distressing, Aging and breaking down garments

Set Design and model making

Scenic Design


Textile work such as fabric dyeing and felting

Wardrobe Supervision and Management

Using Format